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Introduction to Wool Felting with Claire Fenton

Sun 9th June - Sun 6th October

Be inspired and learn the ancient and mindful craft of wool felting. This one-day course will enable you to take home a completed piece of felted artwork having worked with the very soft, textured and colourful tones of merino wool. This course will be running from 10am to 4pm. €80 per participant Pre-booking essential. To […]

Bark Basketry with Terry the Weaver

Sat 1st June - Sat 1st June

In this workshop, you will learn the skills of harvesting, storing and weaving with willow bark. Terry studied in Finland with a willow bark weaver as well as a birch bark weaver and will pass on these skills on this workshop. Bark baskets may be folded, knotted and woven and we will explore these techniques […]

Wool Spinning and Natural Dyeing with Terry the Weaver

Sun 7th July - Sun 11th August

This workshop will teach you to spin yarn from a sheep’s fleece, as well as dyeing yarn from plant material. Two dye pots will be simmering during the day so that two colours will be shimmering by the end of the course. While the dye-pots simmer, you will learn to sort, tease and spin a […]

The Knightly Art of the Sword with Goat’s Head Historical Fencing

Sun 21st July - Sat 24th August

These classes will cover the basis for combat with the Longsword as documented in the German tradition dating from the 14th century to the 16th century. Learn how to use a longsword defensively and offensively, using techniques originally devised by and taught to knights and nobles throughout the medieval period in Europe. These classes will […]

Axe Throwing with Heath Dawson

Sun 26th May - Sun 1st September

Axe Club are running a unique and engaging course on the fast-growing sport of axe throwing with an Introduction to Axe Throwing Course. Introduction to axe throwing safety with Flying Angel Axes, including self-coaching and technique. Practice throws then a mini-tournament with other participants. Traditional Tomahawk throwing, practice with coaching. International championship Double bit axe […]

Two-day Bow Making Course with Mike Henderson

Sat 8th June - Sun 9th June

This course covers the art of the bow-making and the use of bows in hunting and warfare. This is a practical hands-on course. Participants will learn to shape and form traditional bows, to make string from natural raw materials. At the end of the course, participants will leave with their very own bow. Please note […]

Viking Warrior Bootcamp with Horsemen of Eire

Sun 30th June - Sun 30th June

An intensive action-packed day of training in the skills of Viking warriors, including shield walls, wrestling, Viking chess and swordsmanship, finishing off with authentic Viking feast games testing participants strength, coordination, agility and stamina. Achievement: Participants will have the chance of earning a certificate of achievement making them eligible to join in future Viking themed […]

Qween- Queen Tribute in Crown Live

Sat 2nd March - Sat 2nd March

Qween- the definitive Queen Tribute Band are coming to Crown live on Saturday 2nd of March and you don’t want to miss this!   Tickets are only €15 and are on sale now from Crown Bar and from www.live.crownbar.ie

Abuse your Illusion- Guns N Roses Tribute in Crown Live

Sat 30th March - Sat 30th March

Abuse your Illusion- the ultimate Guns N Roses Tribute are in Crown Live on Saturday 30th of March! Tickets are €15 and are on sale now from the Crown Bar and from www.live.crownbar.ie    

Mac Fleetwood- Fleetwood Mac Tribute in Crown Live

Sat 13th April - Sat 13th April

Mac Fleetwood- the fantastic Fleetwood Mac Tribute are back in Crown Live on Saturday April 13th due to popular demand!   Tickets only €15 and on sale from www.live.crownbar.ie and from the Crown Bar.     

Lantern Presents- Nick Oliveri

Sun 14th April - Sun 14th April

Legendary bassist, vocalist & songwriter of iconic bands such as KYUSS, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Dwarves & more. Nick Oliveri AKA ‘The Rock N Roll Komodo Dragon’ regarded world over as one of the greatest rock musicians. From his work on albums like Kyuss’ ‘Blues For The Red Sun’ to being a […]

Tour Guide for a Day

Sat 1st June - Sat 20th July

Sign up the talker in the family to be the next generation tour guide. Participants will meet with our experts and spend time learning the essentials that make a great tour guide. Then come back to collect the kids and listen to them give their first ever tour! €35 per participant (includes a family pass) […]

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