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Let our insider tips and blog inspire your trip to the sunny southeast to explore and discover all that County Wexford has to offer. Tailor your trip to what suits you best, whether you’re an adventure seeker, soul searcher, bucket list ticker, in need of a spa break or simply looking forward to spending some much-needed time in our corner of Ireland’s Ancient East. Wexford has it all and this is the place for making memories.

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At Visit Wexford, we’re all about making life easier. We’ve carefully developed 3 fun-packed itineraries to take you through 48-hours, 4 days or 7 days in Wexford. Let us take you through adventurous activities, to the most beautiful beaches, historic hotspots and so much more with our downloadable digital itineraries. Download them today and take them with you through your adventure to Wexford. With local tips, fun facts and an insight into how you can gather so much fun into your summer holiday in Wexford, you won’t regret following our itineraries and exploring the sunny southeast in Visit Wexford style

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