Health & Wellbeing Events

Primitive Fire with Shayne Phelan

Sat 1st May - Sun 12th September

In this course, we cover all elements of fire creation from the stone age to the new age. Incorporating the creation of friction fire, flint and steel and progressing through the ages all the way to the modern bic-type lighter or finger drill as I like to call it. We also teach the implementation of […]

Survival with Shayne Phelan

Sat 17th April - Sat 25th September

In this course, learn the rudiments of core temperature management, water collection and purification and how to develop a survivor’s mindset… “In Survival, if you think you can, you will; if you think you can’t, you won’t” positive reiterations combined with knowledge makes for a healthy Survival outlook. Shayne’s manifesto is to teach to the […]