Heritage Events

Carrick 850 International Conference

Fri 18th October - Sat 19th October

This international conference is being organised to coincide with the publication of the first book detailing the Carrick site – ‘Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s First Anglo-Norman Stronghold’. The first day of the conference will feature expert talks from leading Irish and international scholars on medieval history, Anglo-Norman sites and Carrick itself. The day will finish […]

The Normans are Here

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This May 850 years ago the Norman’s first arrived to Ireland on the shores of Bannow in County Wexford. Wexford launch ‘The Normans Are Here’ a year long programme of festivals and events to honour the occasions.   Wexford announces Programme of Events for the 850th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Normans to Ireland – […]

The MacMurrough Inquiry

Sat 12th October - Sun 13th October

An Inquiry into the extent to which Diarmuid MacMurrough, King of Leinster, was responsible for the Norman ‘invasion’.   Leading barristers, historians and academics are collaborating with local people on this exciting project which will explore the fascinating tale of power and intrigue in medieval Ireland.  Informed by Brehon Law, the Inquiry will be held in […]

Two-day Mounted Combat with Horsemen of Eire

Sat 31st August - Sun 1st September
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Weekend training in medieval riding and fighting techniques, laying the foundations for mounted combat. Participants will learn about jousting, sword-fighting and horsemanship, and will have the chance to handle replica weapons and wear medieval armour. Participants will have the chance of earning the “Level 1 Mounted Combat” certificate from the Horseman of Eire school; the […]

Small Game Butchering and Cooking with Neil Motherway

Sat 13th July - Sun 8th September

Ethical hunter Neil will teach you how to skin, butcher, and cook wild rabbit and fish. This course will be running from 10 am to 1pm. €50 per participant Pre-booking essential. To book, contact us on 0539120733 or check out our website.   Dates as follows: 13th July 2019 28th July 2019 10th August 2019 […]

Foraging with Lucy O’Hagan

Sun 15th September - Sun 15th September

Explore how our ancestors used the plants and trees of this land for food, medicine and craft. Explore the plants and what they offer us seasonally. This course will be running from 10am to 4pm. €70 per participant. Pre-booking essential. To book, contact us on 0539120733 or check out our website.

Bushcraft Skills with Heath Dawson

Sun 8th September - Sun 8th September

All the family can experience mastering the wild world of bushcraft with Heath Dawson. Learn great skills like animal tracking, knots, hitches and shelters. A great bonding experience for all. Over 14 years only. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. This course will be running from 10am to 4pm. […]

Traditional Blacksmith Workshop


Have you ever daydreamed about working in a Forge, using only your hands and brute force to craft something practical and beautiful?   Perhaps it’s something that your ancestors did and have often wondered what it was like, Or maybe it’s a career change your looking for, but want to try it first before packing the […]

Tree Talk with Arboriculturalist at Kilmore Country Manor and Gardens


David will introduce you to a selection of native, naturalised and exotic trees at Kilmokea woodland which is made up of a fantastic mix of trees such as Oak, Ash, Nothafagus and meet one of the tallest Metasequoias (dawn redwood) in Ireland as well as many more species. This will take place over selected dates […]

Tulip Extravaganza at The Bay Garden


Visit the Bay Garden for Mr Middleton’s Tulip Extravaganza at the Bay Garden, with over 10,000 bulbs throughout the garden and 100 different varieties.  There will be a short talk on “Growing Tulips”, each day. Plus you will have a chance to order for Spring 2019.   Open Days are from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. April […]