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Embrace Wexford Memories this Autumn on Wexford’s Trails


We’ve combined a shortlist of trails waiting to be explored in Wexford this autumn.. From heritage and coastline to mountains and woodlands, Wexford has it all.  Explore the beauty of #IrelandsAncientEast this Autumn with the best Wexford trails on our doorstep here in Wexford.


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Embrace the rustic scenery of trails enriched with heritage, woodlands, mountains and coastline. This Autumn is one to explore all the best trails that Wexford has to offer. It’s the time of year to listen to the crackling of the leaves under your feet as you explore and make #WexfordMemories on our autumnal trails here in County Wexford. Pack a flask and packed lunch and hit some of Wexford’s beautiful trails. If you’re taking your furry friend, don’t forget to keep them on a lead and bring poo bags to pick up after your little pooch. Lastly, make sure to get out and make the best of Wexford in Autumn!


Coastline Trails

Wexford prides itself on the fabulous golden 250km coastline it boasts so when it comes to trails right on the coast, what’s more to love? The coast isn’t just a hotspot during the summer months but also expresses itself perfectly during Autumn and Winter. 


Cahore Point Trail

Take in the autumnal air, as you witness the rustic surroundings of the Cahore Point Trail. With a loopy walk of 5km, you can stretch your legs and fill your lungs with that fresh Autumn air we all need after cooking by the fire. This trail will spoil you with sandy beaches and views of Wicklow Head. If you’re feeling nibbly after your walk, why not stop off at The Strand Cahore for an array of gorgeous food, while also taking in the sheer beauty of the sea right before your eyes! 



Photo: @tonytravels10_ on Instagram

Raven Point Wood Walking Trail

Take in all the colours of nature this Autumn with a walk around the Raven Point Walking Trail. This lovely trail boasts a mixture of sand dunes, sea and woodlands of Corsican pine trees., You’re certain to see the best of the rustic season in the Raven Woods. With the ever-changing, colourful leaves, be sure to take it all in, enjoy the walk and calm yourself by the sounds of nature under your feet as you walk. 




Kilmore Quay Walking Trail

Fill your lungs with fresh sea air by taking a walk along Kilmore’s coast this Autumn. Starting just beside the car park at the harbour continue your walk along the shore and you’ll come across some stunning seaside wildlife  which will remind you of the season and all the nesting that will be taking place. New life is beginning on the shores. The village of Kilmore itself is definitely worth a stroll around. Wrap up well with the nip of Autumn in the air as you explore the harbour. Just offshore across the sea you’ll catch sight of the popular Saltee Islands that are full of seabirds during the summer months. Kilmore Quay is always a great place to wander, why not take a trip down and explore more this Autumn?


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Heritage Trails

While Wexford is known for its famously beautiful coastline, it’s also known for its rich history. With plenty of heritage sites and trails, there’s no doubt you’ll learn more about the County on your way. Indulge yourself in the history, and #KeepDiscovering more of the Model County! 


Lacken Hill Walking Trail

Lacken Hill is the perfect place to indulge yourself in the harvest season. As a place with so much heritage and sheer beauty as you walk along overlooking the landscape of New Ross. There are several trails you can take on Lacken Hill trail. These include – Forest of Dunbrody Trail, Lacken Hill Trail, Scarke Loop and Millstream Loop. Along all of these trails you’ll meet so much of Wexford’s heritage and envisage beautiful rustic landscapes along the way! 



Photo: Oulart Hill by Breda O’Connor

Oulart Hill Walking Trail

Spoil yourself with history by walking the trail of the most famous battle of 1798 at Oulart Hill. Walk along similar tracks that many soldiers walked back in that famous year. The trail overlooks some of the most stunning scenery County Wexford has to offer. #KeepDiscovering the heritage of the famous Oulart Hill by entering Tulach a’ tSolais monument which recently saw the Autumn Equinox align perfectly to catch the setting sun. There are 3 different trails on Oulart Hill. These include – The Unyoke Walk, Cosán na Glóire (Path of Glory), and The Jean Kennedy Smith Walk. Each trail will teach you more about the battle of 1798. It’s a trail not to be missed out on this Autumn with the woods surrounding the trail in it’s rustic blanket.





Tintern Abbey Walking Trails

Tintern Abbey is a trail full of rich history. Tintern is a Cistercian Abbey founded in c.1200 by William, the Earl Marshall. Spend the crisp days exploring the abbey and all four trails surrounding the Abbey which include – The Gardener’s Trail, The Tintern Demesne Trail, The Bannow Bay Trail, and The Foxboro Trail. The Gardener’s Trail starts at the abbey and leads you across the river. Get wrapped up with that autumnal feel whilst you see the centuries old beech trees in front of your eyes. Feel the crunch of the beech leaves beneath your feet as you enjoy the joys of the harvest. The Tintern Demense Trail gives you the most picturesque views of the abbey as well as indulging yourself amongst the wildlife. Walk through the woodlands and see nature in autumn shine. The Bannow Bay Trail consists of a 7km walk to the Saltmills. Finally, The Foxboro Trail brings you along the river where you will see the best of the scenic landscape.


RTÉ’s Tracks & Trails takes Ferrycarrig on a heritage trail

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Woodland Trails

Wexford boasts some of the most amazing woodland walking trails. The woodlands are the places where you will experience the best of the orange and brown rustic leaves this Autumn. Take in the sheer beauty of the woodlands and #FallInLoveWithWexford.



Photo: Courtown Woods by @sabrinadoylephotography on Instagram


Courtown Woodland Walking Trails

Courtown Woodlands are a great place for you and family to walk through this Autumn. Make #WexfordMemories with the most special people by rolling through the leaves with the kids, and taking some unforgettable photos of the stunning scenery that surrounds you. Full of trees such as pine, yew and true cypresses. The four trails here are surrounded by a river and a canal so you can choose your trail on arrival. The four trails are the River Walk, Top Walk, Canal Walk or High Cross-Walk. These are all regarded as easy trails to walk and are suitable for parents with younger kids.






Ballyfad Wood Walking Trail

Walk through the woodland of Ballyfad this autumn, with trees becoming bare and others shredding their beautiful, and colourful leaves. As one of the oldest woodlands in the land, dating back to the 18th century or beyond, its beauty still stands tall today. Awaiting another Autumn season, Ballyfad is anticipating another Autumn full of visitors. Kick the red and yellow leaves in front of you off the oak, beech, Norway spruce trees, whilst you embrace the fresh nip in the air.


Bunclody – Coolmelagh Walking Trail

Coolmelagh Forest, near Bunclody is the perfect place for a walk this Autumn. If you fancy a climb, you can reach the top of Gibbet Hill. Once a place of execution, here you can see some of the most beautiful views. All trails are on the road but have a steady climb to the top of the hill. 



Mountain Trails

A tougher trail for sure but certainly the most rewarding. Embrace the sense of achievement when you reach the top of one of our fabulous mountain trails in County Wexford. How else would you like to feel that fresh Autumn breeze on your face – whether for exercise or leisure purposes, you’re bound to enjoy the view from the top!


Photo: Askamore Trail by Ashling Maher


Askamore Walking Trail

Take a trip to Askamore this Autumn with. There are four walking trails starting off at the car park and bringing you down a small road which leads you uphill. As you enter the the wooden section, you’ll find the breathtaking views of Enniscorthy, New Ross and Wexford. Askamore offers a variety of stunning views and is a great day out for you and a friend or loved one looking to get out and about this rustic season. While challenging with that uphill climb, it’s definitely worth it in the end, especially the views you get to at the top. There is a trail that can bring you as high as 420m if you do so wish!






Three Rocks Walking Trail

This has to be one of the most breathtaking and rewarding hikes and trails of them all. The Three Rocks Walking Trail passes 22 different monuments which are truly insightful into Wexford’s importance in history through time. On this trail you’ll pass historical monuments along the way and learn more of Wexford’s heritage as you hike. Take in some of the county’s finest scenery covered by its rustic blanket as you get out and about to discover more of our Model County. 


Bree Hill Walking Trail

Bree Hill has a number of walking loops in line for you this Autumn. The three loops provide you with a 23km loop of beautiful forestry. Embrace the tranquillity and peace of the forestry, taking in the beauty of nature and all of its entirety that surrounds and the orange colours around you. Hear the birds sing to their heart’s content and #FallInLoveWithWexford in Autumn. Bree Hill is a Coillte forest which offers recreational value. It is also known for its mountain bike trails and visitors should beware that the walking and mountain bike trails may intersect at certain times. 



So with that in mind, we invite you to come and experience the very best of what #IrelandsAncientEast and its trails have to offer this Autumn.

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Make postcard memories in the Model County’s beautiful crisp spaces as you #FallInLoveWithWexford’s walking trails!


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