Wexford’s Most Unique Streets

There are many elements that make a street exceptional, and determining the very best is no easy task – but that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Wexford is filled with numerous spectacular streets, each with its own unique story to tell. From pioneering innovations to vibrant artistic displays, Wexford’s streets offer experiences that are perfect for capturing ‘Insta-worthy’ photo opportunities. Lets have a look:

Monck Street, Wexford Town: Ireland’s First Fully Roofed Street


Monck Street


Monck Street gained national attention back in April 2024 as Ireland’s first fully covered street. The 80-meter length of this street is now protected by a retractable roof canopy, part of a €1.5 million redevelopment project aimed at revitalising nightlife activity. This innovative transformation has turned Monck Street into a pedestrian-friendly zone, offering a vibrant array of dining and entertainment options, regardless of the weather.

A must-visit destination for both locals and tourists.



Slaney Street – Enniscorthy: Umbrella Street



Slaney Street in Enniscorthy has become affectionally known as Umbrella Street, and it’s easy to see why. This delightful street is adorned with colourful umbrellas suspended overhead, creating a whimsical and picturesque canopy. 

The initiative behind the umbrella’s was part of a broader effort to attract more visitors and it’s now a favourite spot for photographers and Instagram enthusiasts, making it one of the most photographed streets in the county.


Main Street – Gorey: Fashion Boutique Heaven



Main Street in Gorey is a fashion lover’s paradise. This bustling street boasts the highest concentration of women’s boutique stores in the region. From high-end fashion to chic and unique local designs, shoppers can find an impressive variety of styles and trends.


Sugarhouse Lane – New Ross: Wexford’s Most Colourful Street


Sugarhouse Lane in New Ross is a visual delight, now one of the regions most colourful streets. The street is adorned with a vibrant collection of murals and street art that transform each building into a canvas of bright, bold colours. Among the striking artworks, you’ll find a mural depicting swan wings representing the Children of Lir from Celtic mythology. Another mural features butterfly wings, with colours echoing the vibrant hues of the opposite facing walls. Additionally, there’s a whimsical mural of a bumblebee, designed for visitors on the street to step into and create their own set of wings, making it a playful and interactive experience​ for social media platforms.