Top 7 Beaches in Wexford

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Discover Wexford’s best beaches this summer


While Wexford is known for being the best corner in Ireland for its consistent sunshine (albeit don’t forget to pack an umbrella just in case…it’s Ireland we’re referring to here), it’s also known for some of Ireland’s best beaches. In fact, Curracloe beach was named Ireland’s no.1 beach by 2022 Reader’s Choice Awards, and you wouldn’t wonder why!


Our #TravelTuesday tip: Visit one or many of Wexford’s beautiful beaches this year and fall in love with Wexford’s coast. Pack a picnic, take a towel and fall in love with Wexford’s coastline. Also, please remember to pick up your rubbish and don’t leave anything behind. Let’s leave our beaches the way they greeted us with clean, natural beauty.


Curracloe Beach

Curracloe may be known for its appearance in two Hollywood movies or the many awards it’s recevied year on year, but ultimately, it’s sheer beauty of golden sand, glittering water and its length and breadth is enough to make anyone die for a day, or a summer at Curracloe. Claiming the east coast of County Wexford, Curracloe is just 5 miles north of Wexford Town and the most central beach from each corner of the county. As mentioned, Curracloe beach also starred in the 1997 film, Saving Private Ryan, as well as 2016 movie Brooklyn.


Rosslare Strand

At the southern side of Wexford Harbour is heavenly Rosslare Strand tucked nicely behind Rosslare village. From sand strollers to sea swimmers, it’s the perfect close-knit beach for those looking to soak up the sun in the sunny southeast. With a mixtured surface of boat sand and stone and sectioned with natural wooden breakwaters that prevent the beach being eroded, it’s the perfect spot for those looking to sit down with a packed picnic or go for a walk on differing terrain.


Duncannon Beach

Duncannon might be known as one of Wexford’s many fishing villages, but it’s also known for its remarkable beach that gives any visitor a reason to fall in love with it. It’s certainly the perfect beach for those with smallies in the family with designated bathing areas and also wheelchair users for it’s accessibility as a drive on beach. Access by car is available to the waters edge with optimum safety at mind of beach users too. There are stunning views of Hook Head from the area as well as Waterford from the coastline. Just a short stroll from the beach is Duncannon Fort. 


Courtown Beach

Sitting only 6km southeast of Gorey is the lovely Courtown beach which is made up of a variety of terrain within its surroundings. From the fine sands and the mixture of sand dunes and woodland among the beach itself, there’s plenty to be seen. It’s location by a harbour with ice-cream shops and arcades is the perfect spot for young families or a group of friends looking for fun in the area. While Courtown beach is relatively narrow around the main access points, it is worth the wait once it expands in width the further north you travel.


Morriscastle Beach

Another must-visit beach to tend to when in the sunny southeast is the lovely Morriscastle beach. A fun fact about Morriscastle beach is that it’s the longest unbroken stretch of beach in Europe and runs for over 20 kilometres stretching along the Wexford coast – so interesting! With that being said, you’ll find miles of soft sand to ramble on, safe water to swim & splash in and plenty of space for children of all ages to play & build sandcastles. This beach is also wheelchair accessible with a full wooden pathway to the beach at the public area for any wheelchair user visitors.


Ballymoney Beach

Ballymoney beach gives visitors the choice of both a north and a south beach with the south beach tending to be a little bit stonier, but nonthless perfect for families with little ones they don’t want wandering too far. Both beaches have been awarded in the past with special commendation for their cleanliness and quality of beach. Make it a sea swim or a leisurely stroll, you’ll be captivated by how the sun sets over the coast. There has also been regular sightings of the local friendly seal, so watch out for this treat.


Cahore Beach

Named one of Ireland’s longest beaches, Cahore is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a long, scenic walk. Cahore is also known for fishing and angling and has been before awarded for the quality of the waters in the area. Also present in the area is a pier which is the perfect opportunity to capture the entire picturesque village and beach from one spot to share with friends. While we mention sharing with friends, make sure you upload your beach adventures and tag in @VisitWexford along the way!


So what are you waiting for?

Grab your towel, pack a picnic and head to one or all of Wexford’s beautiful beaches this year!


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