Terms & Conditions for Copyrighted Images


Visit Wexford reviews and complies with the following criteria and terms and conditions when choosing copyrighted images/user-generated content to be used across its social media channels and/or website and associate social media channels and/or website.


In order to be featured across Visit Wexford and associated social media channels and websites, the copyright owner has the following rights and responsibilities to comply with and agrees to these terms and conditions and the usage of provided images.


In accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, the copyright of all images created by the Photographer is owned by the Photographer unless otherwise stated. The entire copyright in the photographs is retained by the photographer at all times throughout the world however the photographer is agreeing to allow these images to feature in a content pool to promote Wexford. Images may be used by associate sites always in the promotion of Wexford to include but not solely Visit Wexford Content Pool and Fáilte Ireland Content Pool.


Please read the important terms and conditions below before submitting your images to Visit Wexford and Fáilte Ireland. 


  • The image(s) used must be the individual’s own work. Photographs of other people must also be taken with the permission of the third party (where identifiable). 


  • The photographer should not endanger first or third parties in the process of capturing the photograph.


  • The photographer should not cause the first or third parties to take unnecessary risks or infringe any laws to take the image(s) being used. 


  • The image(s) should not be obscene, offensive, indecent, abusive or defamatory.


  • The photograph must not be digitally enhanced or altered, (no cloning, adding or removing features), aside from basic enhancements e.g. brightness, contrast and sharpening etc.


  • Visit Wexford can retain the right to crop any image(s) at our discretion in a way to fit the requirements on print and social media in terms of overall design and format. 


  • The files must be formatted as a JPEG (.jpg) to ensure the quality is not distorted. The original image’s highest quality is recommended. 


  • Visit Wexford retains the right to share the photographer’s identity with any third party that claims the image(s) submitted is/are violating copyright laws.


  • The photographer accepts that Visit Wexford may implement editorial control over the photograph(s) and may decide not to allow publication at our absolute discretion.


  • The image is licenced to us to use on Visit Wexford’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms more than one time. If the image is to be used in print and/or digital media which draws newspaper, print/online advertising and PR, Visit Wexford will be in contact with the author to confirm and discuss details. 


  • The photographer must be able to supply an unmarked, high-resolution version of his/her photo for use by Visit Wexford in any marketing or promotional way to benefit tourism in Wexford. Where an unmarked, high resolution photo is used by the organisers in print media a credit to the photographer will be printed underneath or on the side of the photo. Where it is used by the organisers on any tourism websites or social media the organisers cannot guarantee the inclusion of any such credit. 


  • The third-party identified in the image must be aware that the image may be used in both print and online instances, as well as for promotional purposes.


  • Visit Wexford aims to promote tourism across Wexford and its surrounding areas and while the images will be shared on our own social media and websites, we encourage the public and tourism-related businesses to share the images on their social media and websites also. If you absolutely do not want your pictures shared in any way or if you are worried about copyright, please do not submit them to us. 


  • The photographer will always retain full copyright of their own image(s). Materials published throughout Visit Wexford’s socials and website will be published and protected by copyright which by law means that no other party can copy or reproduce the image(s) without the photographer’s consent.


  • If sharing multiple pictures, please include each location in which each individual image was captured to ensure we do not repost the image with incorrect or misleading information. 


  • You warrant to the organisers that all contributions are lawful and do not infringe any rights of any third party and that you will indemnify us in respect of any breach of that warranty. 


  • The organisers accept no liability for any content shared by third parties.


You can submit your photos by email:

hello@visitwexford.ie or through Visit Wexford social media channels.


By submitting your images to hello@oconnellmarketing.ie or through Visit Wexford social media channels you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.