QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Wexford?

How it works

Gather your family, friends or whoever you want together virtually for a fun quiz night. The category is: Wexford! All of the questions are based on Wexford, from its history to its attractions. The questions vary in difficulty, so everyone from locals to tourists can take part – Wexfordians may even learn something that they didn’t know! Test your own knowledge or invite as many people as you like and team up.


There are 5 rounds of questions below consisting of 5 questions per round. The answers follow at the end, so anyone can host a round and still take part. At the end of all 5 rounds, tally up your correct answers and see who knows the most about Wexford!


Let’s get started with an easy round…




  1. Fill in the blank: County Wexford is known as ‘The ________ County’.


A. Garden

B. Banner

C. Model

D. Rebel


  1. Fill in the blank: County Wexford is located in the part of Ireland that is sometimes called ‘The ________ South East’.


A. Sporty

B. Spectacular

C. Stunning

D. Sunny


  1. Yellow and which other colour make up the Wexford flag?


A. Blue

B. Purple

C. Green

D. Red


  1. County Wexford has an impressive coastline, but how long is it?


A. 100km

B. 150km

C. 200km

D. 250km


  1. Fill in the blank: County Wexford is known as the home of the ________ in Ireland.


A. Spud (potato)

B. Sun

C. Strawberry

D. Sea




  1. Hook Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in the world. How old is it?


A. 200 years old

B. 400 years old

C. 600 years old

D. 800 years old


  1. Located in Wexford, The Irish National Heritage Park tells the story of how many years of Irish history?


A. 7,000 years

B. 8,000 years

C. 9,000 years

D. 10,000 years


  1. Which of these places in Wexford is not associated with the 1798 Rebellion?


A. Vinegar Hill

B. The Three Rocks Trail

C. Oulart Hill

D. Mount Leinster


  1. The Dunbrody Famine Ship in New Ross is a replica of one of the ships that brought Irish emigrants to the U.S. during The Great Famine. What year did The Great Famine begin?


A. 1835

B. 1845

C. 1855

D. 1865


  1. Loftus Hall is said to be Ireland’s most haunted house. During which century was it first built?


A. 11th century

B.12th century

C. 13th century

D. 14th century




  1. Curracloe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Ireland. A scene from which of the following Hollywood blockbusters was filmed there?


A. 1917

B. Hacksaw Ridge

C. Saving Private Ryan

D. Dunkirk


  1. At over 11km long, which one of these Wexford beaches bears the title of the longest beach in Ireland?


A. Curracloe Beach

B. Morriscastle Beach

C. Rosslare Strand

D. St. Helen’s Beach


  1. Which of these coastal locations in Wexford doesn’t feature a historic monument?


A. Slade

B. Ballyhack

C. Rosslare

D. Duncannon


  1. The area known as ‘the graveyard of a thousand ships’ is off the coast of which of these places in Wexford?


A. Hook Head

B. Rosslare

C. Bannow Bay

D. Kilmore Quay


  1. Which of these areas would you find at the mouth of the Slaney estuary?


A. Rosslare Harbour

B. St. Helen’s Beach

C. Raven Point

D. Our Lady’s Island




  1. The 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy visited County Wexford in 1963, but which town did he famously visit?


A. Wexford Town

B. New Ross

C. Enniscorthy

D. Gorey


  1. Another one for the film buffs! The Oscar-nominated movie Brooklyn was partly shot in Enniscorthy. True or false: The film was adapted from a book of the same name written by Eoin Colfer.


  1. Which of these Wexford villages was once the Ancient Capital of the Kingdom of Leinster?


A. Ferns

B. Campile

C. Ballyhack

D. Bunclody


  1. Which of these Wexford villages was the site of a bombing during World War II?


A. Clonroche

B. Camolin

C. Carnivan

D. Campile



  1. Which of these places in Wexford is well-known for its apple orchards and pumpkin patch?


A. Ballymoney

B. Ballymurn

C. Ballycross

D. Ballyminane



In Ireland, the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day are marked by Seachtain na Gaeilge – an Irish language festival to celebrate our native language. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without throwing a cúpla focal (a few words) into our Wexford quiz! It may be challenging for our international players but as we say in Irish, bain triail as – try it!


  1. ‘Loch Garman’ is the translation of Wexford in which language?


A. Old Norse

B. Latin

C. Irish Gaeilge

D. Scottish Gaelic


  1. ‘Ros Mhic Thriúin’ is the Irish name for which of these places in the county?


A. Bunclody

B. New Ross

C. Morriscastle

D. Taghmon


  1. Which of these place names translates to ‘the big church’ from Irish?


A. Rosslare

B. Kiltealy

C. Gorey

D. Kilmore


  1. ‘Baile na Cúirte’ is the Irish name for which of these coastal locations in Wexford?


A. Cahore

B. Curracloe

C. Courtown

D. Carne


  1. Which of the following is the correct Irish translation of Blackwater?


A. An Abhainn Dubh

B. An Fharraige Dhubh

C. An T-Uisce Dubh

D. An Loch Dubh





Time to check your answers! Click on the link below to access the answer sheet. Each correct answer is worth one point.