What Does this Privacy Policy cover?

This privacy policy covers the access and use of visitwexford.ie site and any related subdomains unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

This policy references areas of site operation that may impact upon the privacy of visitors and registered users.

The Website

Steps have been taken to ensure the privacy and security of visitors to this site in compliance with EU law. Where possible and reasonable the collection of data from anonymous users has been minimised.

Contact & Communication

Contact and communication with this website will be at the discretion of the visitor. To the best of our ability any personal information entered into the site will be kept secure.

Typically the personal information will be gathered explicitly through filling out a form or providing these details in an email or other communication. This information may include names, email addresses, street addresses and/or telephone numbers. By providing this information to the operator of the site either through the website, through email or another communication medium, you give your consent for them to use these details to identify and contact you.

This information will not be shared with third parties without permission.

External Links

At times you may encounter links to external sites. While the operators endeavour to keep these links up-to-date they do not have control over the websites linked to and take no responsibility for the quality or nature of the service received upon leaving this website. This policy can only cover this website and no part of it applies to the operation or content of any external site.

By using an external link you may be providing the external website with information about your activity on the referring site. Please consult the documentation for your browsing application to learn more about this.

If you believe that an external link is inappropriate or broken please contact the operators to advise them.

Social Media

This site makes use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Direct interaction with these services is covered by those services’ own privacy policies which can be found on their respective websites.

Content from these services may be presented on this site and, in so doing, these services may have access to basic data about your interaction with this website, such as the page you were visiting when presented with their content.

At times this site may make available sharing links that may be used to simply post links to your own social media account. By using these sharing links you are subject to the policies of the related service and to the configuration of that service with regards to posting via your account.