Village Bar and Grill at Seafield Hotel

Who are we? We are Village Bar & Grill and we are more than just a casual dining restaurant. Quality local produce, diversely delicious menus, unique atmosphere, live sports and entertainment, ornate stylistic features, an open view of the kitchen, dedicated and friendly staff all combine seamlessly to create a distinctive dining experience. Village is an aesthetically contemporary addition to the Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort family.

Village is the complete package. Some venues focus on style, some focus on food, some focus on the entertainment and the drinking experience. We endeavour to showcase a “Have It All” experience. The wow factor is evident throughout; from the first moment the customer steps through the door, to their last sip of wine, to their return visit. We believe that our offering is unique to the hospitality sector and to any dining experience in the local vicinity. Village has become a destination; distinct from the hotel.

We are a local food establishment that champions local produce. Food ‘passports’ are very important for the casual diner and food enthusiasts alike. Our guests are aware of the ‘farm to fork’ ethos and the story behind their fresh locally sourced plate of food. Our Village crew have conducted off-site visits to our key suppliers, which not only provided them with the knowledge of the food, it instilled a sense of pride in the food and its origins amongst the team.

All these intricate aspects combine seamlessly to ensure that the most important Village ingredient; the guest, enjoys a truly unique casual dining experience in Wexford.

Please be advised that pre-booking is essential. Just make sure you book below first and then get your pléaráca on.

Please be advised that enquiries must be made at least 48 hours prior to your preferred booking time. 

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  • Bar
  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
  • WIFI
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