Two Day Water Colour Painting Workshop with Angela Ensen West

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Angela Emsen-West 2-day Water Colour Painting Workshop –

Are you intrigued or curious about Water colour Painting? Are you an art enthusiast wanting to learn or greatly improve your skills with Water colours? Then join Angela for a fun filled and learning experience. During the 2-day workshop you will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Water colours. You will be introduced to the basic techniques (if you already know them, don’t worry) of Water colour painting with a few twists and turns where we can share the wonderfully spontaneous nature of Water colour painting. You will have the opportunity to learn easy and effective techniques in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and create beautiful artworks to bring home.

€170 for 2 day workshop. Thurday 10am – 3pm and Friday 10am – 4pm
What to bring: You can bring as much equipment as you like, but most of the equipment will be provided, most of all you can bring your fabulous imaginations

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