The Busquitos

Y35 X5HF

The Busquitos play a very catchy mix of brilliantly played music and dazzling, funny entertainment that will put a smile on everyone’s face! The fun they have playing their music rubs off on their audiences as enormous amount of positive feedback they get every show proves.

The Busquitos play their merry jazzy tunes, sung with a Louis Armstrong like hoarse voice… And if the time is right they will mingle and play a serenade, organize a limbo- or line dance, or get the audience to sing along to one of their catchy jazzy tunes.

The Busquitos play funny catchy original tunes as well as a large variety of  music. Hot Club, Jazz, Pop, Rock & Roll, Classical Music, you’ll hear it all! Songs by Disney, Django Reinhardt, the Mills Brothers, Sonny Rollins and Irving Berlin, to name a few, as well as catchy tunes like Yackety Sax (Benny Hill) and The Nanny.

Musical entertainment for all ages!

The Busquitos are: Jelle van Tongeren – violin, Thomas Streutgers – saxophone,  Michael Seraus – guitar, Ronald de Jong – double bass & vocals

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