Wexford Spiegeltent Festival 2023

The Quay Wexford

October 20th – November 5th


The Spiegeltent Festival on the Quays of Wexford is a vibrant and enchanting cultural celebration of music, arts, and entertainment. Set within the intimate and ornate confines of a stunning Spiegeltent, this annual event brings together a diverse array of performers, from renowned musicians to talented circus acts and cutting-edge theater productions.


This year, the Spiegeltent will see acts like The Corona’s, Jenny Greene, The Waterboys, and Green Road perform while John Bishop will light the tent with laughter and Keith Barry performs Mind Games. If that’s not enough, hilarious duo Ellie Kelly and Charleen Murphy will take the stage with their Live Hold My Drink podcast and Neil Delamere craics everyone up with his show Neil by Mouth. That’s not it, there’s so much more! 

See all of the shows across October and November at here.


Join the town in celebrating this week of unforgettable performances, delightful surprises, and a warm Irish welcome.



The Spiegeltent Festival brings together a fantastic lineup of performers set to entertain and amaze. You can groove to the tunes of internationally acclaimed musicians, have a good laugh with top-notch comedians, and witness mind-blowing circus acts that’ll leave you in awe. Plus, don’t forget to catch some exciting theatrical shows that’ll transport you to different worlds. The festival’s got it all, promising a great time for everyone!


The Venue

The Spiegeltents, both rare and exquisite, represent masterful craftsmanship by Flemish artisans in the early 1920s. These alluring “halls of mirrors” are a dwindling treasure, with only a limited number remaining globally, each possessing its unique character and allure. Constructed from oak and graced with teak baroque dance floors, they are adorned with opulent velvet and brocade canopies, elegant beveled mirror columns, and stained glass windows. These circular venues boast intimate booths, ornate bars, and Art Nouveau chandeliers.


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