Songs of the Sea

Spend some time in the 16th century tower with a variety of sea-themed music by candlelight. Join in as we sing, play and tell stories about the sea at this coastal castle.


This event takes place in the upper hearth room where the scenes of sea, mythical creatures, sailing and fishing will enchant you as we make a joyful noise together! 

No pressure to join in, but anyone can sing (or chant) the chorus of a sea-shanty so we hope to inspire you to participate!


All events take place from 7-8:30 pm. Guests will need to climb the tower steps to the third floor sea-faring hearth room with railings on each side. You may stop for a rest at any floor. Sigginstown Castle does not provide alcohol, but various soft and hot drinks will be available in tankards so you can whet your whistle!


Make a day or evening of it! Come for a late tour (3:30-5 pm – see separate tour event) and have dinner before or after at Meylers Millhouse bar, only 1 mile down the road. 


All tickets booked in advance on Eventbrite, and the event requires a minimum of 6 people to occur (single tickets fine to book). So please advertise to your friends and relations to ensure  your event will happen! Cost is €15 per person plus VAT and Eventbrite Fee (€18.18 total) 

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