Slow Stitching Workshop with Josephine Whitmore

Slow Stitching facilitated by Josephine Whitmore.

Classes run from 2-4pm for the following weeks:
Wednesday 8th – 15th – 22nd – 29th November
Wednesday 6th – 13th December

This 6-week course is an introduction to the concept of mindful hand stitching. Classes run on a Wednesday afternoon 2-4pm, the cost for six weeks is €95 but if you cannot commit to the full course then you can attend on a weekly basis at €20.

Having a hand sewing project can be meditative, in and of itself and help calm your thoughts, especially coming toward the Christmas season.It may be an opportunity to slow down and to consider making your gifts this year, giving in a more qualitative, rather than quantitative way. It is a change of mindset. Imagine all the love going into making a gift…. So, I will be demonstrating how to make a Christmas stocking, place mats and wall hangings.This class is very fluid to meet your needs. If you wish to use your sewing machine at home on the projects, that is great but at the Arts Centre, we will only be concentrating on the hand stitching aspects.

This course is intended to harness the calming effects of repetitive hand stitching and we will look at lots of techniques. A central theme will be using what you already have in your possession, threads, fabrics as well as repurposing old natural fabrics like wool, cotton linen or well-loved clothing items that may need to be upcycled or repurposed. This low impact approach helps the environment, allows us to look at our consumption of fashion and the wider areas of fair trade and ethical sources of supply.Re-dyeing cloth, using vintage scraps of lace of the clothes of a loved one, has a resonance of its own.Memories can be encapsulated in small textile art pieces that are priceless, with limitless options.Less is more is a good adage as your decision-making becomes more sustainable and personal. This theme can certainly feed into your gift giving this year- evoking happy memories of loved ones, being stitched into your Christmas gifts or projects.

Sewing in a group leads to sharing of ideas and expression.


Fabrics, needles, and threads are included in the class cost, so you can choose your own colour scheme.Feel free to bring along your own favourite supplies if you want to work on an unfinished object (UFO). Lace, buttons, and other embellishments can be added near the end of your project.

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