Sigginstown Castle

Opening Hours: Between April 30th - September 25th 2022 Most Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 2pm - 6pm

Sigginstown, County Wexford, Y35 XK7D, Ireland

There are large castles in Ireland, and then there are “tower houses” of various sizes. This is a smaller example of the latter – a primitive structure with an attached house that was intended for defense against whoever was unfriendly at the time. It would have housed a family, probably some animals, and a few servants. There are about two thousand tower-houses in Ireland, in all sorts of conditions – ranging from crumbled to the ground, to restored and in-between.  


If the word castle makes you think of large luxurious palaces, forget that! Instead think ruin and budget! Most people would prefer a nice, clean, modern house but we have taken the road less traveled. Sigginstown Castle has no roof, windows, doors, electricity or plumbing, but it does have parapets, watchtower, arrow-slits, garderobes, portcullis, fireplaces, spiral staircase, vault and a machicolation.


See to see what our plans are with Sigginstown Castle along with the history of the ruins and some information on heritage events and tours taking place throughout the year.


Open most Fridays – Sundays from 2pm – 6pm 


Tours throughout the weekends from 2.30pm and 4.30pm with some exceptions.



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