Rosslare Harbour Walking Trail

Rosslare Harbour, County Wexford, Ireland

The Rosslare Harbour Walking Trail starts at the viewing point car park overlooking the port in Rosslare Harbour.  The harbour originates from the 19th century when Wexford Town was the main shipping port of the South East. By this time Wexford port was in decline owing to the silting up of the estuary.  This coincided with the development of the railways throughout Ireland and the UK. Plans to connect London to the West of Ireland via rail and sea became a reality.  Rosslare Harbour and Fishguard in Wales were jointly developed to support this link. Later developments in continental travel and trade created an even greater expansion of the port and village linking Rosslare Harbour to Europe via ports in France and Spain.

Your walk will take you along the clifftop past dwellings built for maritime communities such as the Coastguard, Lighthouse keepers or Lifeboat volunteers. Along the route, you will also observe the streets and facilities provided for the railwaymen, seamen and port employees who came to build and to maintain port services for the trains and the mail boats.

Top Tip: Take time to explore the Secret Garden….a truly hidden gem. 

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More information about the Rosslare Harbour Walking trail, here