Print / Mark Making Portraits Session with Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer

Ferrybank South, Wexford, Y35 X5HF, Ireland

Print / Mark Making Portraits Session with Deirdre Meehan-Buttimer via Zoom

Saturday 29th May at 12pm – For ages 10-12 years

Explore fun, creative print / mark making processes, using everyday objects, in an interactive Zoom session as part of Cruinnie na nOg. ArtistDeirdre Meehan-Buttimer will facilitate, creating portraits (possibly self portraits!) from photos or images in magazines.

Work created during this workshop will be displayed in our online gallery with a virtual exhibition launch on the 12th June 2021 at 2pm as part of the Cruinniú na nÓg programme. Please send images of work created to

You can use lino/printing inks (water or oil based).Alternatively, acrylic paints, kept moist with a water spray, work well.   We’ve even used house painting paint – emulsion, coloured with acrylics.Ensure you check the materials required well in advance of the session so you can fully enjoy the various processes!

We use tracing paper to capture the overall shape and guide us to place eyes, nose etc. in perspective.Then use our imaginations to interpret how we want to depict the person.So pick your favourite self-image or someone you know and let’s get printing…

This workshop is part of the Cruinniú na nÓg programme 2021 and is an initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme presented in partnership with Wexford County Council.


Materials Required:

·         Lino/printing inks (water or oil based) OR Acrylic paints with a water spray – can be mixed with house paint…

·         Print rollers (4” ) OR rolling pins / bottle that you can easily roll across paper / radiator paint roller with sponge

·         Print plates / palettes (acetates) OR

·         flat glass surface you can mix / roll ink on

·         cardboard cut to approx. A5 size, covered in plastic (freezer bag / contact paper)

·         Tracing paper (2 x A4 or 4 x A5)

·         Image or face to trace – photo, screen, or magazine image that sits well in A5 size tracing paper

·         Craft Foam sheets (2 x A5) Available in Mr Price / Dealz etc.

·         Pencils

·         Masking tape

·         Scissors

·         Paper to print images on – A4 size. Can use many surfaces – cartridge/printer paper, card, brown paper, wrapping paper, water colour paper, fabriano etc.

·         Paper to protect when rolling inks – any old scrap paper / newsprint

About the artist

Deirdre is an established visual artist and change management facilitator. Deirdre is interested in everyday objects and how they tell the story of who we are (and were). Deirdre’s practice is experimental in nature, driven by an intuitive and curious approach.

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