Pierce Turner

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Continuing his path along the road of uniqueness, Pierce Turner returns from America to this side of the Pond for a series of Summer Public Parlour Performances.  You can go the big fields and watch a dot up on the stage performing while the sound sails away in the wind. Or you can mingle with like minded humans in a space where you can see the walls, where there is a ceiling for the sound to return from, where there is oodles of atmosphere and interaction, and the toilets are right there.  Many are the magical Pierce Turner performances that have transpired under the historical ceiling of Wexford’s Art Centre, so this return on July 19th will be a very special and rare event. There is a limited capacity.

Returning from New York after a sold out Joe’s Pub performance  (one of America’s top five venues-Rolling Stone Mag) with Philip Glass in attendance -Pierce Turner is a Wexford champion whom the Oscar winning Jim Sheridan referred to as “the cream of tough Norman Stock”

He has written numerous songs about Wexford and using the Wexford vernacular like “How It Shone ”I’m not codding boy“ “Musha God Help her”  and numerous monologues incorporating the same.

Eileen Dempsey originally from School Street in Wexford town, now living in Australia, was at Pierce’s last show in Manhattan, and was astounded to hear Wexford stories about the procession to Rocklands and stories of Pierce’s foundry where his Father was a Turner by trade.  These stories are loved by New Yorkers and Dubliners alike, but when someone from Wexford hears them, the stories really resonate in a way that can only happen when the chicken comes home to roost. On Friday July 19th at The Wexford Arts Centre, you will have the rare opportunity to witness this effect.

Pierce Turner, is a dynamic live performer and consummate musician, who was voted solo Ireland’s solo artist of the Year in 1994.  He has worked on numerous occasions with Philip Glass, including his debut album, for which Mr Glass wrote string arrangements and produced.  When he performed at Carnegie Hall with headliner Iggy Pop and Patty Smith in 2015, The New York Times and Rolling Stone magazine both enthusiastically describe it as, “Soaring”  “A cross between Joni Mitchell and David Bowie” He had a song in HBO’s The Wire-Christy Moore has covered his songs and even wrote one about him I love the way Pierce Turner sings  – He has a dedicated  cult following in Ireland where he resides half of the year, the other being in Manhattan.  The Irish Times Tony Clayton Lea wrote “Easily one of the most important Irish Artists of the last twenty years” The Sunday Times Liam Fay wrote “He has created what I confidently believe to be the finest body of work in contemporary Irish music” New York Magazine put him on their arts cover, calling him “New York’s hidden Gem”   The Penguin book The Rough Guide to Irish Music concluded  in it’s lengthy biography “There is no one in the whole wide world of music quite like Pierce Turner, the owner of a voice that drips emotion, a consummate lyricist, and the creator of tunes that are both complex and accessible, just but listen and marvel.

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