Noel’s Tours (June 9th – June 11th tour)

Collection Friday, June 9th.

Noel’s tours offers a thrilling weekend adventure in Fethard-On-Sea.

Guests will be picked up from Dublin on Friday evening and transported to the picturesque town by bus.

The package includes a diverse range of activities such as kayaking, touring the historic Hook Head Lighthouse, learning the ancient Irish sport of Hurling, two nights of traditional Irish live music, a visit to the tranquil Tintern Abbey, exploring the villages of Fethard-On-Sea and Duncannon, Canyoneering and relaxing on some of the best beaches Ireland has to offer.


Weekend activities:

– Tour of hook head lighthouse

– Two nights of traditional live Irish music

– Kayaking trip in Fethard-On-Sea

– Explore Tintern abbey and its forests

– Canyoneering (cliff jumping) from Slade cliffs

– Hurling session on a local beach

– Explore the villages of Fethard-On-Sea and Duncannon

– Two nights camping

– Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation and transport included in the price.


Transport back, Sunday June 11th

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