Mary Wallace Visual Artist

Toad Hall, Ballymorris, Clonard Little, Wexford Y35T26H

Mary Wallace is an artist with a unique individual approach to art. She finds beauty in imperfection, extraordinary in the everyday, complexity in simple things. Her creative style is immediate, vibrant and contemporary. Use of colour suspended in beeswax, paired with pure gold, makes for an opulent visual experience.


“Working with gold leaf is a delicate business. It requires patience and practice to place that filigree just as you want it. Sometimes I feel it has a mind of its own as the gentlest breath of air can cause it to flicker and fly away!”


Her inspiration comes from ordinary things; a simple tea bowl, a flower, a hen, a fish… to create exquisite tea bowls with golden cracks, majestic moon jars with golden seams, exotic fruit, flamboyant hens, cockerels and other creatures.


Japanese influences – kintsugi: repair using gold to summon beauty, resilience from something broken, embracing imperfection – in her art become a metaphor for healing and rebirth.


Mary Wallace lives and works in Wexford. She has exhibited extensively since 2001. She was appointed as a Heritage Specialist by The Heritage Council in January 2010. See her work in The Makers House Wexford or by appointment.


Opening hours:

By appointment


Keep up to date with Mary and her work of art on Facebook >>HERE<< and on Instagram >>HERE<<



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