Kilanerin and Curragh Woods Walking Trails

Curragh Wood, County Wexford, Ireland

Kilanerin (or Killinieren) and the Curragh Woods Walking Trails pass through 100 acres of native mixed woodland.  The Irish name Coill an Iarainn means “the Wood of the Iron“.


The combined loops of Kilanerin and Curragh Woods form a figure of eight.  The walks link briefly by road and footpath. Separately they provide a shorter, refreshing looped stroll.

From the Kilanerin side, the remains of a mass path used by many people years ago to get to Kilanerin Church can still be seen.

From the Curragh side, which has an upper and lower level, there are wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

The two walks together provide an oasis of natural habitat and an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with family and friends of all ages.



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