Guided Bat Walk at Johnstown Castle

Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens, Oldtown Lane, Johnstown, County Wexford, Ireland

As the sun begins to set over Johnstown Castle and the visitors leave, many animals are settling down for the night. In the attic of the Irish Agricultural museum and by the lakes others are just coming to life! Did you know the museum attic is home to a large roost of pipistrelle bats? One of the largest in the country, in fact! This Summer we are delighted to welcome you for some very special after hours Bat walks.

Come and join us for an evening bat talk and walk with bat conservationist Harm Deenen. Learn about the various bats which live on the Johnstown Estate and why Johnstown Castle is such a special place for them. Get to try out a bat detector and find out how we use it to identify a bat by its call. Warm clothing and boots required.


Children aged 10+ only (and accompanied by a parent/guardian), Weather permitting. Pre-booking essential.


·         28 April at 20.15

·         19 May at 21.00

·         30 June at 21.15

·         28 July at 20.45

·         25 Aug at 20.00

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