Goldilocks And The Three Bears Christmas Show

Presentation Arts Centre Enniscorthy – 2nd December // 2pm


She’s off to seek her fortune but she soon finds that it is not as easy as she thought. Meanwhile, The Three Bears are hiding a very special honey hive, making honey that helps Santa have a very special breakfast before he sets out for Christmas. But, a rather naughty witch, Wanda The Wasp, is out to steal it!


Not to fear though, there might be a Handsome Prince in the forest to help… and the children in the audience will certainly want to lend a hand in this sparkling version of the much loved classic tale.


Few children’s stories can have more instantly recognisable lines than ‘Someone’s been eating my porridge…‘ It’s guaranteed to have hordes of children shrieking their delight at these enthralling words!


The Presentation Arts Centre are delighted to welcome back Centre Stage Theatre Company, première producer of Christmas plays, to our stage this Christmas. With their usual values of family entertainment, funny and immediate scripts, simple effects, live original music and strong performances – and tonnes of audience participation – Goldilocks And The Three Bears is the ultimate Christmas show to catch in Enniscorthy this year!

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