– Guided Woodland Walks and Experiences.


“Magical, bewitching, fascinating and entertaining, I was amazed by how much I learned on an hours walk. Can’t recommend enough!”

– P. O’Gorman, Dublin 


Seanacaí or traditional storyteller Lorraine is known across Wexford for her unique method of teaching the history of the region through a blend of folklore, historical recordings and quirky facts.


Having performed at many events and festivals both here and abroad, and hosted Private Food and Folklore Tours across the South East for international visitors, she is now evolving the business to the “new normal”!


Walking Tours are a wonderful way to slow down and get to know an area a little better and as they are outside, they are a great covid safe option! Based in North Wexford we have a selection of very unique walking tours, designed to allow you the visitor the opportunity to either discover or rediscover an area you may have thought you knew well! 


Hidden history lies everywhere in Wexford and now is your chance to dig some up!


Gorey Market Town

Wexford’s oldest yet newest town was 400 years old in 2019, during its time it has seen many changes and entertained many visitors. Take a walk around the town with an entertaining guide and discover some of the towns more stranger stories. From a torturous magistrate to Dean Swift falling in a puddle of pig poop and a civil war assassination that led to a lost Masterpiece there are plenty of stories to hear!


Courtown Woods

A woodland walks that focuses on simple tree identification, recognising bird song and some fun facts from Irish tree folklore. Which tree produces berries poisonous to kids but fine for adults, which tree is the best for building boats and which trees were favoured by early fashionistas and why? We also delve into a little of the areas local history, picking out the hidden history that lies under this lush tree canopy, an ancient Celtic Cross, the old coach road to Gorey and the remnants of the once lush gardens that edged this woodland. 


Evening Guided Woodland Experience

This adult orientated woodland walk takes in all the aspects of the family-friendly walks but digs a little deeper into Irish Folklore, the Brehon Laws of Ireland and the Druidic teachings of the trees. A wonderful pre or post-dinner activity in the stunning and ancient Courtown Woodlands. This experience finishes with an opportunity to sit by the Ounavarra River to enjoy the evening bird song and enjoy a complimentary bottle of sparkling Nettle Cordial, made locally by the award-winning food producer Wild About. 


Going along with current covid guidelines, these tours are available to book now with a maximum of two households joining the tour.


“Recently had a talk as part of a course I was on from Gallivanting tours and could have listened all day long. It was on the history of Gorey. To say I enjoyed it was an understatement. Could listen forever to all the tales and facts of Gorey. Would love to hear more about the rest of Wexford.”


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