Food and Folklore

Crescent Quay, Wexford, Ireland

“Magical, bewitching, fascinating and entertaining, I was amazed by how much I learned on an hours walk. Can’t recommend enough!”

– P. O’Gorman, Dublin 


Seanacaí or traditional storyteller Lorraine is known across Wexford for her unique method of teaching the history of the region through a blend of folklore, historical recordings and quirky facts. Her Teaching Tales carry you back through the centuries to rediscover the Celts, Vikings and Normans alongside highwaymen, pirates and rebel pig farmers! They never told you these stories in school!

Having performed at many events and festivals both here and abroad, and hosted Private Food and Folklore Tours across the South East for international visitors, she is now evolving the business to the “new normal”!


Join Lorraine in Gorey for a 2 hour Storytelling session, hosted every Tuesday Night. Or avail of one of her Walking Tours in Courtown Woods or Gorey Town.


Whimsical Woodlands

A wander through Courtown woods with regular stops throughout, uncover the hidden history that lies within the trees, the 5th Earl and the Countess, Irelands oldest High Cross and the Celtic Tribe that once called this place their home. Along with a few foraging tips, a little ancient Celtic spirituality, you’ll never see woodlands the same way again!


Gory Gorey

Today this busy, vibrant town is a safe welcoming home to many, but in the past…

Discover the hidden and sometimes horrible history of the town, the torturers and scoundrels that ruled from the Market House, the assassination that led to a lost Master and how Johnathon Swift vowed never to return!


Woodland Wisdom

Consider this walk in the woods, a reintroduction to the world and spirituality of your Celtic and Viking ancestors. From Yggdrasil to Ogham, fairies and elves, Brehon Laws and the Bards of Old. Tree Wisdom is something magical passed down for thousands of years. Discover what tree will help you write music and which will help you in the Courts, meet the Mother of the Forest and learn how she grants wishes! A little foraging, a little herbalism and just a hint of old magic!


Due to current Covid-19 safety guidelines, all tours are privately booked at this time. But no minimum number is required


“Recently had a talk as part of a course I was on from Gallivanting tours and could have listened all day long. It was on the history of Gorey. To say I enjoyed it was an understatement. Could listen forever to all the tales and facts of Gorey. Would love to hear more about the rest of wexford.”


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