Country and Irish by Patrick McCabe

12th May

Country And Irish by Patrick McCabe

Presented by Fight2Flight Theatre in association with Smock Alley Theatre.

A man, a banana and a tape recorder. …and a bomb.

Donie Burris has a whole heap of troubles facing him: with his girlfriend, her son, Albanian gangsters, the Longford mafia and a very overbearing mammy. How can he get them all off his back? He imagines himself as the star of his own gangster movie, and he won’t go down without a fight…

An hilarious but savage portrait of a man at the end of his rope, starring Peter Gowen. It is a wild joyride that pays homage to film noir, Samuel Beckett and even the Teletubbies – a startling, provocative fever dream. Featuring a soundtrack of terrific music worthy of the title. Country and Irish is like nothing else you’ll see this year.


Directed by Conor Hanratty, McCabe’s triumphant theatrical display has been picking up rave reviews and great enthusiastic audience response.

“Simply glorious-laughs are irresistibly McCabe.” The Arts Review.

“A Layered and touching performance” Sunday Independent.

“Taps the toes and twangs the heart strings” Irish Independent.

“Slick production and deft performance” Irish Times.

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