Clancy’s Kitchen

Y35 X5HF

The Clancy Family regale stories, songs and tunes from The Clancy Brother homestead.

This show takes you into the very heart of Clancy’s kitchen, County Tipperary. With performances from multi award-winning artists- Donal Clancy (son of Liam), Róisín Clancy (daughter of Bobby), musician cousin Evan Grace and  Welsh singer/actor Ryland Teifi, the audience experience, first hand, the atmosphere in the home of the troubadours that were the world famous Clancy Brothers.

“Growing-up in the Clancy household, singing, music and story-telling were an everyday event, not something reserved for the stage. Anyone visiting was welcomed and encouraged to share a story or song from wherever they came from in the world and the spoken word was as important as the music. It was a truely amazing experience and one we’d like to share with audiences-this unique insight into Clancy’s kitchen”

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