Yeats & Son - John and Jack Butler Yeats Exhibition

Yeats & Son - John and Jack Butler Yeats Exhibition

Selected works from The Niland Collection

Wexford Arts Centre

18th October to 21 November

Wexford Arts Centre and Wexford County Council are delighted to present an exhibition featuring work from two of Ireland’s major artists, John and Jack Butler Yeats. This exceptional collection of work is presented in collaboration with The Model, home of The Niland Collection in Co. Sligo, and offers some of the finest examples of work from members of the Yeats family.

John Butler Yeats is widely known as an Irish portrait artist, illustrator and the father of poet William Butler Yeats and renowned artist Jack B. Yeats.  His sensitivity as a portrait artist and painter is greatly admired as his works effectively convey the immediacy and personality of the sitter. His ability to represent personality and character ran against conventional stereotypes and troupes found in Victorian art of the time. Yeats moved from Ireland to America where his exposure to modernist art in New York affected his later work. He remained there for the rest of his life until his death in 1922.

The strength and lasting appeal of Jack B. Yeats work lies in his intensely personal response in documenting everyday life in Ireland.  He began his career as an illustrator of broad sheets and journals, where he developed the style of bold and linear lines one can see in his works up to 1920. Yeats captured the essence of human nature; individuality, humour, sadness and grief. Many themes he sketched from life by observing people in their environments and surrounding landscapes. He is known as one of the most important Irish artists of his time. Although he was not actively political, he painted some of the most important scenes of Irish history.


The Wexford Arts Centre ​is approximately an hour from Waterford City and 75 minutes form Kilkenny City.

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