Santas North Pole Experience

Santa’s North Pole Experience will transport your family from Wexford Quay to the wonder of the North Pole, with magic and fun around every snowy corner!

From the very beginning, young and old will be captivated.  You will be met by Ellie the Elf, who will lead you into the Magic Forest.  Snow covered Christmas trees will glisten in the midnight moonlight and the glow of a Victorian gas lamp will light your path.

Coming to the end of the forest, you will see the Enchanted Gates to the Elves Village.  In order to enter the Elves Village, each child will have to find a magic coin to open the gates.  When you enter, you can see the candlelit shops and the post office.  Children can post their letters in the post box but take care as it has been known to suffer from sudden cases of indigestion!!

Visit the bedroom of Dozy Elf who’s always late for work!  Can the kids wake him up in time?

Next, visit the reindeers’ stables.  Here, everyone can leave food for their favourite reindeer (Rudolph is gonna be stuffed!)

The Elves Workshop is usually top secret but this very special visit allows you to enter and meet the Grand High Elf, who is two thousand years old!  The boys and girls can play with the toys, read the books the elves have made and even help mend and make the toys.  They may even be made Honorary Elves!

Patch the Elf will then bring families, individually, to meet and receive a gift from the one and only – Santa Claus!

There will be plenty of opportunities to take your own photos, and there will also be a professional photographer taking photos that you can purchase.

Santa’s North Pole Experience is truly unique and captivating.  It will ignite the magic of Christmas for everyone, aged one to one hundred!


***Book your Santa’s North Pole Experience and Christmas Express tickets at the same time to available of a discount.

For example, if you book the Christmas Express for 11:00am, you should book Santa’s North Pole Experience for 11:30am. The Christmas Express will bring you to Wexford Quay for Santa’s North Pole Experience.***

Fri 1st Dec 2017 to Sat 23rd Dec 2017