Portia Coughlan


Wexford Drama Group presents Portia Coughlan

Powerful drama written by Marina Carr & directed by Paul Walsh.

‘Portia Coughlan’ written by Marina Carr is a tragedy play set in Ireland in the 1990’s. An unstable young woman, named Portia would appear to have everything she could ever want; a wealthy husband, three small sons, caring friends and a beautiful house in the Belmont Valley. However, she would willingly give it all up for a glimpse of her dead twin brother Gabriel who drowned on their 15th birthday.

The play documents the final two days of Portia’s struggle with this event which has dominated her life. It is a human story which we can all identify with on some level. We see the dysfunction within the family, the bickering amongst the strong female characters, the snide remarks and the whispering words which float around this small parish.

Although the theme of the play is a dark one, it is far from tame. With foul and cruel insults being fired out, rage building to moments of violence and some jiving and waltzing and flirting happening in the local pub, this is a play with a strong storyline, strong characters and strong emotions.

Marina Carr is one of Ireland’s most celebrated contemporary female writers and has written many well-known plays such as ‘On Raftery’s Hill’, ‘By The Bog of Cats’ and ‘The Mai’. 

Tickets cost €14/€12 and can be booked here.


Fri 17th Feb 2017 to Sat 18th Feb 2017