Open Call for Film Submissions for 5th Wexford Documentary Film Festival

The 5th Wexford Documentary Film Festival is currently looking for submissions from artists and filmmakers; there are different categories for submissions:

Documentary Films – The theme for this category in 2017 is ‘Community’

The idea of community can be explored in the broadest sense and is open to how filmmakers and artists may wish to interpret it. This may include looking at films that explore issues in relation to different types of community i.e. immigrant communities, the LGBT community, films that explore aspects of community collaboration such as cooperative movements. Communities involved in conflict and resistance. Films related to fishing or rural communities, community made films or those about community projects. The style and length of film is open.

These will be included in the main programming of the festival and screened in the Stella Maris.

The deadline for submission is extended to Monday 19th June

There are also categories to submit films to, which are not confined to Documentary:

Artist, Marine Themed & Off- Site Films

These will be screened outside the main programming of films and will be located in sites other than the Stella Maris. Some of the off-site locations proposed are the local chip shop, the supermarket and a number of other sites that are in the process of being confirmed.

Any genre or length is welcome. These films do NOT need to be confined to documentary.

The deadline for submission is extended to Monday 19th June


The 3 Minute Challenge

This proves to be a very popular category each year, often with but not confined to, submissions from students, artists and local Wexford entrants. The maximum length of each film should be 3 minutes. Films may be of any genre or theme and are NOT confined to documentary.

All films selected will be screened together and two prizes will be awarded by the festival in this category. One prize is for the best Wexford 3 minute film and the other is for the best student film.

The deadline for submission is extended to Monday 19th June

Submissions for all categories are made through the Wexford Documentary Film Festival’s  Webpage

Wed 24th May 2017 to Mon 19th Jun 2017
Sat 10th Jun 2017 to Thu 6th Jul 2017
Sun 10th Jun 2018 to Fri 6th Jul 2018
Mon 10th Jun 2019 to Sat 6th Jul 2019
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