Introduction to Meditation


Introduction to Meditation | Japa Meditation Wexford

Spiritual Earth, Rocklands, Wexford

3rd January at 7pm

Japa is a healing meditation which builds awareness, courage & energy and helps us get rid of what we don't want and create what we want. Japa has many benefits including improved sleep, a quieter mind, enhanced concentration & focus, reduced stress, improved relationships and improved health. With New Years Resolutions in abundance at the moment Japa will help you remain focussed and progress in any area of your life.

On Sunday January 3rd we are hosting an open meditation from 7pm to 9pm - an ideal opportunity to clear the cobwebs, reflect on what we'd like to change and start 2016 off as your best year yet. Open to all, this is an ideal opportunity to experience Japa and see what it can do for you - perfect if you're considering joining our Introductory Course starting on January 12th. We will also have our Introductory offer available on the night. 

For more information find us on Facebook or contact Mairead 087 615 7315


Spiritual Earth in Rocklands, Wexford is approximately an hour from Waterford City and less than 80 minutes from Kilkenny City.

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Sun 3rd Jan 2016