Experience the Power of Japa Mantra Meditation


Are you visiting Wexford and would like to enjoy a day of Japa Mantra Meditation?

Japa Mantra Meditation is a powerful healing sound meditation that brings physical, mental, emotional, creative and spiritual benefits. 

Restorative sleep, improved physical health, helping to overcome anxiety and depression, enhanced communication and more focus, energy and creativity are just some of the many benefits of Japa Mantra Meditation. 

People from all walks of life have benefitted from Japa Mantra Meditation. During this day you will hear of how Japa has helped people make changes that have brought health, connection and joy and will experience Japa and other practices that build relaxation, focus and creativity. 

Take a day of your trip to Wexford and join us for a day of relaxation, connection and fun and experience the power of Japa for yourself.

For bookings contact us on Facebook, email spiritualearth1@gmail.com or contact 087 742 6380


Sun 5th Mar 2017