Cursed Murphy Laboratory

Cursed Murphy’s Laboratory is an evening of public performances from established and emerging Wexford artists, plus guests, operating in all disciplines: music, visual arts, literature, film, theatre, spoken word performance, dance, and more.

Curated by Cursed Murphy (aka writer and spoken word performer Peter Murphy) this will be at once an art happening, a social event, a club night, and an opportunity for experimentation and interdisciplinary adventure. Cursed Murphy’s Laboratory promises to cross all artistic boundaries in pursuit of an entertaining, edgy, surprising and exciting night’s entertainment. The evening’s performances will be followed by a DJ set by Denny Lawlor: the best of trance, dub, vintage hip-hop, trip hop and beyond, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to have a drink, a chill, and a mingle.

Thu 14th Dec 2017