The Rob Strong Band, Live In Enniscorthy

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‘Rob Strong is unique. He is incredibly talented. In my opinion, he is the best Blues or Soul singer to ever come out of Ireland. His innate gift is his voice, and his timing is incredible’ – Colm Wilkinson

‘Seeing Rob Strong with the Plattermen in the late ‘60s was a big influence on me. To hear a fellow Northerner, sing the soul music I loved so well, gave me a lot of confidence that one day I could find my own voice. Rob is one of the true originals!’ – Paul Brady

‘To play with someone of the calibre of Rob Strong was a huge honour for me as Rob was one of the best singers I had ever seen in Ireland.” – Johnny Logan

“For me Rob is world class. I’d say he is one of the best Blues/Soul/Rock singers in the world.’ – Don Baker

The legendary Irish Blues/Soul singer Rob Strong brings his fabulous band to Enniscorthy after celebrating his 75th birthday in February after an incredible 60 years on the road . As the title of his recently published biography suggests, the Derry born singer is ‘STILL GOING STRONG’ and continues to perform all over Ireland in 2022.

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