Crown Live Presents Kerbdog

Monck Street, Wexford, Ireland

Crown Live are very proud to present:Kerbdog

Saturday 21st March

Tickets 20 euro

Doors 9pm

Kerbdog are considered to be one of the best bands to ever come out of Ireland, and are only playing two Irish gigs in 2020.. Not to be missed
.”Kerbdog are one of the most underrated bands ever. Their debut album and On The Turn should be part of everyone’s rock education. They opened my eyes to what was possible with riffs and melody and theyre the reason we worked with Garth Richardson on our last three records. It’s a crime that Kerbdog are not held aloft by every band in the country as heroes.
Simon Neil,
Biffy Clyro
Kerbdog were one of my gateway bands. I got into them through Kerrang! cover-mount CDs and they were just unlike anything I’d ever head at the time so powerful, heavy and yet melodic. They totally opened my eyes to a new genre, and remain one of my favourite bands.Frank Turner