Creativity Mentor

I am Hank, and I implement the GROW model to help you to move past your unruly writers block.

Gallawey, a tennis coach who noticed that he could often see what players were doing incorrectly but that simply telling them what they should be doing did not bring lasting change. He soon realised by asking the right questions to define their Obstacles and Options they piece throught the blockers at hand that made him one fo the best coaches around.

If you are having trouble with writers block or any creative process, please send an email to to schedule your appointment.

The first 10 participants will recieve a free session and €35 per session thereafter, so please book to avoid any dissapointments.

It is also important to note taht it is my intent to find and reconnect you with your passion and to build a community of outstainding creators.

Tue 23rd Jan 2018 to Sun 11th Feb 2018