Moth (and me)

MOTHER (and me) is a heartfelt and hilarious story about the complex relationships between mothers and daughters. Melinda, an ex-Broadway dancer is finally married…at 45! She’s more than ready to settle into life with her new Wall St. husband when a phone call from her brother sounds the alarm, ‘something is up with Mom.’ Ilene or ‘Attila the Hun-garian,’ as Melinda calls her has always been a handful but now, she’s off the charts-- and the role reversal ride no child wants to get on, is about to begin! This award winning show begs the question: How do you parent an over the top parent?

“A tour-de-force one-woman show... Gorgeous. A must see!” -

“The joy and genius of this show is Miss Buckley’s ability to have you on the verge of tears and then make us laugh.” –

“Mother (and me)is an ideal portrayal of the parent-child relationship over a lifetime.” “Through it all, Buckley demonstrates great flexibility as an actress, using only changes in voice and posture to transform.” “Highly recommended” – Chicago Critic

“Buckley is a master storyteller” “It’s not hard to figure out why Mother (and me) is a hit with audiences.” “A laugh-out-loud, heartwarming

Sat 21st Apr 2018