Hammer Anvil Stirrup

HAMMER | ANVIL | STIRRUP presents the work of a key group of Irish and International artists whose current practices evoke a vitality and freshness in their engagement with concerns surrounding sound related artwork; from composition, physics and sculpture to noise, acousmatics and listening. Occupying both gallery spaces at Wexford Arts Centre, HAMMER | ANVIL | STIRRUP showcases the work of David Beattie [Ireland], Richard Carr [Ireland], Edgardo Rudnitzky [Argentina] and John Wynne [UK/Canada]. While each artist's work remains specific to their own motivations and impulses, they come together in this exhibition to enquire into notions of listening as a critical practice while embracing the curatorial implications of exhibiting a number of ‘sound works’ within a gallery context; noise, interference and conflicting autonomies.  

Sat 2nd Sep 2017 to Thu 5th Oct 2017