Amber Springs Halloween Train Experience

Hugely popular Halloween Trains for children and far scarier trains for the older kids and young at heart!

CHILD FRIENDLY TRAINS  4pm and 5pm daily from the 21st October and 3pm and 4pm from the 1st to 5th November, 2016

SERIOUSLY SCARY TRAINS 7pm and 8pm from the 21st to 31st October.

FOR THE KIDS – SCOOBY DOO Halloween Train……

“I dunno know Scooby I’m so scared all I can think of is food!” Said Shaggy

Help Scooby, Shaggy and the Gang solve the mystery of the haunted village – we can’t tell you too much else as its a mystery!



This is an experience which should come with a health warning! The scariest Halloween Train Experience you will ever encounter. Come if you dare and prepare for the unexpected.  You may never leave again and that’s not because you don’t want too…….

The Amber Springs Halloween Train experience is taken over by Zombie’s and the walking dead. It’s up to you to find a way to escape their clutches but be warned and be careful our train trundles slowly onwards, in the dark, what if something happens? With no one to save you and no where to run – perhaps there’s a hero among you who can help fight off the onslaught of walking corpse’s coming your way….And just because you’ve been before DON’T think you know how to get away…..YOU WON’T!


Sat 21st Oct 2017 to Sun 5th Nov 2017