Weekend Mindfulness & Creativity Retreats Gorey School of Art August 2017

Weekend Mindfulness & Creativity Retreats

Gorey School of Art

August 2017

Sat 19th August  /  Sunday 20th August

One Day Retreats offering a unique combination of meditation, creative exercises and mindful body work.


These specially designed retreats offer a full day of mindfulness-practice combined with creativity.


Meditation sittings will be interwoven with mindful drawing, painting, and mindful movement.

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What to Expect

This is a retreat day dedicated to your well-being, developing your capacity to be fully present in mind and body, moment by moment. The Art of being ‘Playfully Present’ will be explored. Moving beyond habitual responses, you will explore the ability to ‘Approach Mindfully and Respond Creatively’.


The relationship between Creativity and Mindfulness will be explored. Creative exercises will be used extensively throughout the day, both to illustrate and to deepen our understanding of Mindfulness. Participants will be given the opportunity to use a wide variety of creative techniques and materials. Group discussion, and personal inquiry will take place within a friendly supportive atmosphere. Some previous meditation experience will be of benefit and will enhance your experience of the day. The course facilitator is a highly skilled Mindfulness Instructor with a Masters in Art Education.


Practices Explored during the Retreat


Mindful Movement

Mindful Looking

Body Scan

Mindful Drawing

Mindful Painting

Sat 19th Aug 2017
Sun 20th Aug 2017