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Hellenistic Vedic Astrology

An astrology consultation will help you better understand yourself and make the most of any area of your life. By objectively & clearly understanding our unique opportunities, strengths and challenges as well as our surroundings we can move forward and find solutions in our personal & professional lives.

What do others say about Calodagh's consultations?

"Calodagh used what I found to be a very accurate, insightful and thought provoking vedic reading as a guide to coach me in achieving my personal and professional goals. Calodagh provided me with a practical and no-nonsense plan and the tools to achieve it and after only one week I am seeing concrete gains already." - Phil Sturgeon, HR Project Manager

"She got to the core of my personality straightaway. She broke my challenges down for me and suggested ways to take small steps every day in order to move forward." - Helen Collison, Teacher

"Calodagh can delve into a person’s make up and delivers her readings with a calmness and friendliness that would put anyone at immediate ease." - Trevor Power, Director

Calodagh offers a wide range of consultations including

  • Personal consultations
  • Career consultations
  • Couples consultations
  • Health consultations
  • Business consultations
  • Litigation consultations
  • Business Mentoring

From December 28th to 31st consultations will be available daily in person, by phone and by Skype.

Gift certificates available.

For more information, to book a consultation contact 087 133 5230, visit our website or find us on Facebook.


Spiritual Earth in Rocklands, Wexford is approximately an hour from Waterford City and less than 80 minutes from Kilkenny City.

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