World Cafe Events


World Cafe Events at Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre

Topic: 'A valuable society - what values underpin how we live together' by Colette Savage

Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre

9th December | 7.30pm

The World Cafe format offers an informal and friendly way to meet and discuss socially relevant and important issues within Ireland.  Led by a short presentation from a knowledgeable individual, you are then invited to break up into small groups to sit around the table and talk about your viewpoint on this issue.  These discussions will be led by questions posed by the visiting speaker to help guide you and you will have the opportunity to meet some new and some familiar faces as you move from table to table during the evening.  There is no right or wrong, all views are welcome and interesting.

This is an interest-led social event held in Crecon Cafe; an opportunity to meet up and engage in a meaningful discussion where the only guidelines are to be polite and mindful of giving others the opportunity to participate in the discussions.

Colette Savage has worked with Universal Human Values for nearly ten years in the UK and Ireland with parents, teachers and in schools and carried out academic research on values in education.  Understanding the role values play in our lives and how we make decisions and judgments is helpful to building a values-based society which is inclusive for all, connecting us at the level above religion or beliefs to the level of being a human being and part of humanity.

Join us on Wednesday December 9th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm for this enlightening discussion.

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Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre is less than 40 minutes from Waterford City and less than an hour from Kilkenny City.

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