Mick Flannery


Lantern Events presents Mick Flannery live at Greenacres

31st March at 8.30pm

The album ‘I Own You’ features some of Mick’s finest material to date and is preceded by the first single, the title track ‘I Own You’, which is out now.

Following the release of his #1 album ‘By The Rule’ in 2014, Mick took a short break and began writing again in 2015. Basing himself between the counties of Cork & Clare, Mick was moved and motivated by current events around the world, specifically one tragic event in April 2015 that inspired the title track.

Speaking very directly about the single, Mick states; "The song 'I Own You' is based on the idea of the "poor man" breaking into the "rich man's" house. It was inspired by wealth inequality in capitalist societies. It was also informed by the Baltimore riots, after the killing of Freddie Gray by police. I hoped the song would portray the anger felt by the disenfranchised, powerless people. The video is intended to send the message that the greed of the super-rich must at some stage be reckoned with."

This album is a step away from previous releases, something Mick differentiates between his own albums. "50% of this album is more socially aware, containing social commentary stuff, and is ultimately less self-involved than my previous releases. It may also sound slightly different; I was listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar, and for a long time it was just Christian [producer] and I in the studio – him on drums and me warbling – so the beat became more important than any guitar or piano parts, more hip-hop based, the reason it sounds a little bit more modern."

General admission: €23


Fri 31st Mar 2017